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Wed Nov 29 2017, 10:52AM Print View

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Post originally from Polo. All further comments transfered to Ladypitt thread under Hows it fishing.

I checked the web site late Saturday night to see if there was any notices about the Lady Pit venue at Newark. There wasn't any new postings or info so early Sunday morning me and my mate set off looking forward to a days fishing on the Meadow section. Got to the first gate by the road at 7.15am, through that ok and a steady ride down the hill to the car park area. There were already two cars parked there,both drivers stood kicking their heels looking none too chuffed, one had come from Lincoln and the other from Sheffield. They imformed us that the gate to the weir and the meadow sections was locked with the combination being changed. There was a small sign in the grass at the side saying the gate was locked due to bad weather ?? We also thought that maybe the bailiff could have locked it to keep anglers out until dawn as advertised. It is now 7.45am and well past dawn and no one appeared to open up or give explanations etc so we all departed. At the main gate we met another angler coming in who was also hoping to fish the meadow section, when he was given the good news he turned around and left none too pleased as he had travelled from Sleaford. So basically we were left to find somewhere else to fish for the day at short notice.
Whoever decided to lock the gate, if it was for bad weather conditions thats fine but, at least put it on the web site and put the notice on the first gate near the road to save anglers traipsing all the way down that bumpy steep track.
If it was locked to keep anglers out until dawn then again thats fine but, at least have the decency to be there to open the venue to members at dawn. We don't all just live up the road in Newark. For me it was a 100mile round trip and the expense that goes with that. So please a little more communication on these decisions would be appreciated.

Reply from Chairman.

Sorry guys,this one is down to me.The bailiff sent me a text mon 20 with some info.he also ,said expect gate to be locked all week .I took this to mean he expected to be locking it due to weather forecast.not that he already had. I only found out gate was locked after a member text me Sun 27. I re-read original text and realised my mistake.Bailiff confirmed gate was locked .My sincere apology for any inconvenience it was a genuine error.The bailiff is very prompt in keeping us updated and we try to get info on this site and facebook as quickly as possible.sorry again guys. ,grovelling done .cb chairman

[ Edited Wed Nov 29 2017, 10:54AM ]
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Sun Dec 03 2017, 05:17PM
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Joined: Sun Nov 06 2011, 04:53PM
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Thanks for the update
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Mon Dec 04 2017, 12:04PM
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Joined: Sun Jul 24 2011, 05:30AM
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Its a real shame that the anglers didn't fish the stretch next to the car park.I traveled from Leeds on Sunday morning as well, that's 140 mile round trip and i got there about 7ish so would have been the car you saw in the car park .I also found the gate closed and rather than walk to peg 14 that i fancied and had planned on fishing i set up in peg 24 and had a great day fishing for chub.Steve the bailiff can vouch for this.Sometimes we don't see the chances in front of us and in all honesty the meadows are not fishing that well at this present time but plenty to catch in the weir section pegs.I once stupidly tried to cross the fields when it was a bit tacky and got stuck, the bailiff was non too happy when i asked him to tow me out of the field and i was pretty embarrassed to own up at 49yrs old that i was silly for ever trying to get to the top fields when the fields were as bad as they were on i am pretty glad that they have put these measures in place as if not then plonkers like me would try to drive through and get stuck,estate cars not that good in wet slippy grass and mud and leave a mess for us all to see with the mud ruts.
Just my two pence worth but the farmer and bailiff knows best in my opinion.
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Wed Dec 06 2017, 02:02PM
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Joined: Sun Nov 06 2011, 04:53PM
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Next time out i will give a go m8
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