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The Warping Drain

The Warping Drain : Use DN9 1AH for Owston Ferry sat'nav'

We now control the fishing rights for the full length of the Warping Drain from its outfall at the Trent at Owston Ferry to Springs Rd.

The traditional closed season applies to this fishery, so fishing at that venue between March 15th and June 15th is not permitted.
Most, if not all, of the possible entrances to our stretch are well signposted and locked with combination padlocks. Any of our locks you encounter require the same number to open them. We have included an Environment Agency lock on the same chain so that their staff, and a local farmer with grazing rights on the north bank, can also gain access when they like. Please be careful to lock these gates and arrange the locks exactly as you find them. There have been times when our members have locked our padlock through both links so the farmer cannot gain access, and it’s usually me he telephones, and shouts at, at 6a.m!!
It is possible to catch many Tench in one session, as well as perch to 4lb (No, not a misprint, 4lb), pike to 31 lb, and bream of 7 1/2 lb. There are a number of car parks on the stretch, all of which are easy to find.
To reach this fishery you need to head out of Scunthorpe on the A18. Once over Keadby Bridge you take the next left towards Althorpe. Follow the West bank of the River Trent into Owston Ferry. That road, once in Owston Ferry itself, turns a sharp right, at The White hart pub, into the market place. Follow that road through village and take the third left turn into Station Road. About a mile out of the village is a left turn, sign posted ‘weak bridge’. Take that left turn and you will cross the drain. The main E.A. car park is on the left, just prior to the bridge over the drain. Again this is fitted with one of our combination locks with the same combination.
If you carry on over the bridge the road bends sharpe right and follows the drain for some distance. We have provided four bridges over the dyke to the south of Warping Drain to provide easier access to the bank. You are also able to park on the grass verge near to these bridges. Those bridges are gated and locked. This is merely to preserve our liability to non-members under our insurance. It is not our intention to keep members of public off the banks. The padlocks on the bridges can be opened with the same combination. The locks are expensive so please lock them after you and try not to drop them in the dyke etc.
Beyond the last bridge there is a pull in on the right where you can also park up and access the Drain bank. At that location there is a concrete slipway and the drain itself narrows where there used to be another farm bridge, long since lost to the elements, it seems. Just to maintain the confusion here, that location is locally referred to as ‘four bridges’. (That’s Owston Ferry for you !!)
If you were to carry on along that road you would reach a crossroads (Sat Nav location) where you turn right towards East Lound. All fishing is from the south bank. The north bank has problems in that the E.A. are keen to preserve some of the wildlife in the area, and the local farmers have grazing rights, (or at least their cattle have!). We are in negotiations to create some pleasure pegs on the north bank, near to the Trent end, but those negotiations are still under way. Please do not fish from any other than a designated peg. Please do not fish on the concrete ramp (just above the Pilon stretch) as this is the only point at which a wheelchair user can fish on the entire Drain.
The first two pegs at the ‘upstream’ end, the furthest from the Trent, did have very attractive pegs designed and built for wheelchair anglers but these have now disappeared leaving only the concrete ramp above the Pilon stretch so leave this free for wheelchair uses as of 16th June 2017.

Vehicles are not allowed onto the lower flood bank of the match stretch. It is not designed to take the weight of vehicles and will be somewhat soggy even in dry conditions. Some four by fours will make it but will leave tremendous ruts in the turf which the club as a whole will get the blame for. Please stick to the upper grass bank and park so that others can get past. There is plenty of car parking space available but do not expect to be always able to drive right up to your chosen peg and park, it is not that sort of venue. The most you will have to walk, if you select the right parking space, will be about 400 yards.

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