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Welcome to the Pisces club.

The Scunthorpe Pisces Angling Club is the new name adopted by the former Scunthorpe Police Angling Club. The club was formed back in the 1970's when a group of local police officers took up the lease of the farm reservoir in Lodge Lane, Flixborough from the Sheffield Estate, the owners of vast areas of land around Scunthorpe, including local landmark and beauty spot Normanby Hall and Country Park.

The club was originally a section of the police sports and social club, in the days when most police stations still boasted a licensed bar and, often, a games room and snooker table. .In the early days the club was only open to police staff and was supported by the parent club. As such bars and social clubs fell out of favour with the hierarchy of the police forces around the country, the parent club folded, leaving only those sections which could survive without the financial backing of the social club. The angling section at Scunthorpe was able to carry on trading, but only by opening up the membership to those outside the police.

As soon as we did so, the popularity of the Flixborough pond meant there was a sudden influx of members and the club immediately grew to the point where we had to take on other waters to accommodate this influx of anglers. The club portfolio grew and, year on year, so did the membership until we reached the stage we are at today with numerous waters and approximately 1500 members from across the country, many travelling many miles to fish our Trent stretches.

Over the next few years the constitution was gradually altered to reflect the move away from the Police based Social club to what it is now, where the membership is completely open to anyone and the police have no input or control of the club. The change of name to Pisces has been decided upon to reflect the changes in the club's constitution but we are proud of the club roots and still keep the Scunthorpe Police banner on our signs and paperwork.
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