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AGM Details

AGM 2016

2016 AGM Held Tue 2nd Feb at Mill Road club 8 pm

The chairman welcomed members.
Copies of the agenda and minutes of the 2015 AGM were available on tables.

Apologies taken and noted

Minutes of 2015 AGM. These have been on the web site for the past eleven months. There were no issues raised. Accepted as true record, proposed/ seconded and adopted.

Chairmans report

Once again a busy and proactive year. Finances have been viable throughout the year enabling us to continue development and invest in the future. Membership has been slightly down . Outlet shops have continued to support us in selling our membership books.

A lot of work of work has gone into Yaddlethorpe and we purchased and hired mechanical aids to make progress. I believe we are ahead of our forcast of 5/6 years to get it back to an excellent fishery.
We have had very few issues on the bank this year ,and when they have arisen were quickly dealt with.

All venues have fished well.
At the request of the owner, night fishing was stopped at Ingham. This resulted in it being fished very little. We no longer see this as a viable fishery and propose not to renew the lease. As we expected, Blyton fishery will be lost.The owner has now been given planning permission to build log cabins on the site.
We considered the future of the River Torne .The EA may be able to help with improving its capabilities ,therefore we will retain the lease.

At this point the Fisheries Officer was invited to provide other fishery details.

He started by outling the work carried out at Yaddlethorpe and the future work yet to be done.
He thanked Andy Bettis for the hard work he has put into the venue.
At Girton we increased the number of pegs available by leasing the stretch from Newark angling club.This was negotiated at a good price and we took it on with a eye to the future. As stated in previous club meeting, we hope to make this a secure venue by gates in the approach lane.
We reported in club meetings issues of anglers fishing from Nabbs island at Lady Pitt. We also learnt that the CRT intended to lease the the island to a local angling club. We immediately challenged this on the basis that it is totally unsuitable for fishing with regards to fish welfare. IE hauling and returning fish from considerable height up pilings. We met up with CRT fishery officers on site and made our feelings strongly made. We made suggestions how the issues might be resolved. The outcome is that Picses have negotiated a 6 year lease of the island from CRT and can control for what purpose it is used ,so allowing protection of Lady Pitt.

The chairman resumed

Once again we have run a number of coaching sessions in school and summer sessions at Medge Hall.
The disability session were transferred from Blyton to the Oasis pond AT Yaddlethorpe. These were well attended with a request to increase the number of sessions this year. We had two excellent days at Lincs Show. At one point had to close the barriers to the lake to cope with the numbers wanting to fish.
We have continued to attend CAAG meetings. This year in conjunction with clubs from Hull we hope to host a Humber inter schools match, with qualifiers on both banks leading to a final. The schools Sports Development Manager for N Lincs has agreed to support this venture.

Daiwa and Dynamite baits have continued to support our activities for which we thank them.

The match section have again had another good year with matches being well attended .These are open to all club members(details of this years matches on the web site)The section also entered a team in the super cup ,gaining an excellent place in the semi, only missing the final by a couple of points, Well done guys.
Once again our bailiffs have done sterling work in policing and maintaining our waters.
We have been very proactive in the area of enforcement mainly led by Andy ,who has liased with AT and police authorities on operation Traverse and the latest enforcement initiatives. We have got a number of volunteers waiting to attend approved courses.

To Summarise

In a year we have achieved a lot. We have been proactive in protecting the clubs future and its fisheries. The committee /bailiffs and others have put in the hard graft and given me their support, for which i thank them. I Would also thank you the members for your continued support .

Questions were taken. Report accepted /proposed ,adopted.

Presentation of accounts (made by chairman in absence of treasurer)

The chairman stated the amount currently in the bank and made the point in spite of a reduced membership and considerable expenditure, we are just over a thousand pounds better than this time last year. As always, we have reserved sufficient monies to pay 2016 leases. He then went on to identify the main items of expenditure .A brief discussion followed after which the accounts were adopted

The Future

Proposed amalgamation with SDAA

The following is summary of the proposal. The detailed proposal was discussed with members present.

The amalgamation joint working committee consisting of 5 officials from each club proposed the following after a series of meetings held over the past few months.
The proposal is to disband both SDAA and SPAC in March 2016 and form a new club known as SCUNTHORPE AMALGAMATED ANGLERS
The clubs primary aim is to provide a high quality, safe comfortable fishing experience open to anglers of all persuasions on a variety waters and to encourage more people to partake in the sport.

An executive committee consisting of 5 officials from each of the original clubs will serve for a period of three years. During this period joint chairman from each club will preside. Any member leaving during this time will be replaced by a nominee from the original club. Other non excec officials will be appointed as required ,reporting directly to the committee.
A constitution based on the AT model will be adopted for the new club
At the point of amalgamation , assets of both clubs will transfer to the new organisation. A new bank account will be set up with 3 signatories. Existing leases to be transferred to the new club
A two tier membership will be initially offered over a trial period. The existing SDAA waters plus existing SPAC waters(excluding lady pitt, Girton and all still waters in simple terms any waters locked with a code) would form a basic membership costing £30 concession £20
This excludes family membership. The premium membership would include ALL COMBINED WATERS and family membership, costing £40 concession £30
A single book to be issued along the current SPAC lines. with description of option available. New membership to last from date of issue for a full year
The 2 tier system to be reviewed after 2 years.
Serving armed forces to be complimentary membership.

Club rules were discussed of which there are only minor changes.

Match Bookings

Open waters will be avaialble to all club for matches. Affiliated clubs only on enclosed waters to be managed to balance the needs of match and pleasure anglers.

Day tickets ,continue on bank on waters where currently issued.
A new web site would be set up at a future time.

Membership of outside bodies.
The new club would continue representation and membership of outside bodies (EA, CRT, AT etc) seek partnerships with local authorities and seek opportunities to expand the fishery portfolio where appropriate.

Coaching activities to continue and develop

The chairman went on to say ,we have taken heed of our members concerns, we have addressed these and protected the club and its membership in our discussions.
All of the above points have been discussed with the full SPAC committee who have voted that we should go ahead with the amalgamation.
A number of questions were raised and debated.

Election of committee
There had been no new proposals for election to the committee .therefore it was proposed the current committee be re-elected enblock and in doing so giving a mandate to proceed with the proposed amalgamation
Election of committee ,proposed/ seconded and adopted

Chairman thanked the members and closed the meeting.


The chairman welcomed everyone to the first AGM Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers. It was pleasing to see a good turn out and fresh faces. Copies of the agenda and 2016 Pisces AGM minutes were on the tables.
Apologises taken and noted. Minutes of the Pisces AGM had been on the club web site for the last twelve months. There were no issues arising. Minutes proposed as a true record, seconded and adopted.

Chairmans Report.

The merger of the two clubs SPACS and SDAA was agreed and took place in March 2016, The two committees having been given a mandate to move forward at the respective agms. A dead line of June was originally set but discussions went so well it was agreed to bring the date forward so proposals could be discussed at the agms. There were compromises made but generally the objectives of both clubs were in line. We set a clear objective ,to provide good quality,safe and comfortable fishing experience ,open to all anglers of all persuasions on a variety of waters and to encourage more to participate in the sport.
Having announced the merger the first step was to protect the new club and its members. A new constitution was put in place and the club re-registered with AT and a 10 million pound public liability insurance put in place. An excecutive committee consisting of equal numbers from both clubs was agreed which would stay in place for three years to ensure continuity util the club was firmly established
As a committee we accepted that mistakes would be made, but there was a strong willingness to move forward and make the merger work. The new membership was agreed and gold and silver membership put in place. We recognised this would create some problems with administration of renewals but needed to give those wanting to only fish running waters the opportunity to do so. As expected it did create some issues which we tried to resolve as they arose. In hind sight it would have been easier to have a single membership but we wanted to be fair to all members. Having collated the membership for the last year, less than 8% purchased silver membership and 42 of these should have been gold. With this in mind we have decided that a single membership of £40 & £30 concession will be put in place when the new books are printed. Since we dont envisage any major changes to the portfolio or club officers from june, slips only will be renewed if you are an existing member. Gate codes will be on the slips. This will make significant savings on future book printing costs. Any venue changes will be flagged up on the web site or facebook .Currently we have 14 shops supporting book sale. This decision will assist them and the membership sec.

A decision was made not to renew the Marshland lease when due in Dec 2016. as it was not considered a viable venue. During the early discussions SDAA said they did not consider it viable. Considerable money had previously put in to make staging safe but were now back as they were plus the water was up for sale .It was agreed to retain the water until the lease expired in Dec 2016

The day to day running of the club has gone fairly smoothly with any issues being addressed at club meetings. We recognised we made a mistake in limiting the committee input to those on the excec committee and excluding others with valuable input. We rectified this by inviting previous committee members to attend and contribute with the excec members having the final vote.
In August Mike Storey resigned as joint chairman and Paul Jarvill resigned as secretary. Mike had said he wanted to retire at some point and just organise and run the matches which he had historically done. Paul has been promoted in his day job and he no longer had time to continue. Both have contiued to support with background information. For whatever reason for resgning, it is i feel right and proper that we should publicly thank them for the years of time/effort and loyaltythey put into SDAA and being instrumental in bringing about the succesfull merger of the two clubs. While there depature left an inbalance of the committee all major issues had been agreed and voted on by this time and the ex SDAA members were comfortable with the committee make up. An indendant treasurer was appointed in sept (Stacey Baker) and despite coming onboard after the merger has done a great job in getting the accounts up to date and resolving banking issues.
As stated earlier, once we got the major issues resolved, the ongoing issues have been those expected from the day to day running of the club.
We reviewed the viability of all club waters and to that end believe we should not renew leases of South Clifton,ex pisces stretch, Dunholme lake and the Idle at Misterton. The chairman invited S. Mattison (fisheries officer) to elaborate. He said South Clifton had been an issue for some time and despite meeings with the land owner who would not compromise, we were paying more to walk across a few metres of land to the river than for the lease of the fishing rights which we consider no longer acceptible. Dunholme lake has continued difficult to police. Staging which we renewed having been damaged,fires/litter,and dog walkers, At one point a bailff being threatend with a knife. The lake is also used for irrigation and in the past, fish had to be rescued due to low water levels. The Idle at Misterton has had a number of issues, Gates found to be locked, Access to the the track blocked by farm vehicles and cattle being allowed on to the stretch who had totally churned up the river bank. These issues had been brought to the land owners attention but continue to give problems. He went on to say we would continue to seek suitable waters with emphasis on quality rather tha quantity

The chairman continued.

In November we held a meeting with the project manager and his team responsible for the Lincolnshire lakes project. We expressed our concern that angling did not appear to been seriously considered and local clubs should have input. We discussed conflict of interests, path/cycle tracks lay out.control of waters and fish stocks.It was a cordial meeting in which they acknowledged some of the issues raised had not been considered. They were interested in the club back ground and merger and our ambitions for Yaddlethorpe as we have always seen this purchase as a long term legacy and a community project. On their advice and help, we applied for a grant from the Sustainable Energy fund. That application was successful, providing funds for all ability toilets and an electric gate. The chairman said it was worth mentioning that apart form the initial purchase most ft he development had been carried out through grants and not club finances. The major grants coming from Tata Steel. and the Angling Trust. We did purchase a flail mower which will pay for its self by not having to use contract mowing on some venues.
The club web site is being redeveloped,this might cause some inconvenience, We will use the face book site to keep members updated. Any suggestions for the site will be welcome.
On the coaching front, once again we continued with the summer hols coaching sessions which are largely funded by NLC. We continued to run the Saturday disability sessions, which are always rewarding. We had two excellent days at Lincolnshire Show,attracting 100 plus youngsters and adults to try fishing. We have been invited to the Food fest show in April and will be at the main show in June. We added to our coaching capabilities ,one member achieving level one coaching certificate. We would like more level two coaches but local courses are limited and others available means travelling and additional costs. We want to develop and take advantage of the class room generously donated by Hargreaves ltd and continue and provide indoor coaching sessions similar to those previously done in schools ,particularly in the winter months. We used it recently when Paul Walker gave a talk on handling pike, This was well received with such comments as informative,witty and funny.

Daiwa and Dynamite baits have continued to support our activities for which we thank them.

Throughout the year SAA have continued to have many clubs from the region book matches on the Keadby canal, Anchlome,and the Trent with pegs ranging from ten to fifty. Dynamite Baits agreed to sponsor the match team,who now compete as Scunthorpe Dynamite, The team entered the Div two national in Sept,putting in a good performance finishing 11th from 30 teams just missing out on top ten promoted teams by 3 points. In Aug the club co-hosted the Angling Trust div one national and AT individual national on the tidal Trent when nearly 400 anglers competed.
The Anchlome Mouncey league commenced in October each sat for twelve weeks,being fished on cake mills and springs in Brigg. In Nov, the AT winter league commenced with teams of 8 competing for six Sundays Lincs Tidechasers won this years league qualifying for the final. Mark Yorke an SAA member having the highest score from any team in the winter league with 36 points.
January saw the start of the winter league individual opens which will run to the last Sunday in the season before open matches move to keadby canal at Crowle. Scunthorpe Dynamite team will fish several more events this year,including the nationals,Happy league, Winter league ,commercial national. My thanks to Jt (MATCH SEC) for these details and well done to the team and we wish them continued success.

Once again the bailiffs have done sterling work,policing and maintaining our waters. They like the rest of us have been on a learning curve with new waters and rules. On behalf of the committee and the members can i say thank you for your efforts and patience. We continue to be proactive with law enforcement with Andy keeping us updated with initiatives and co-ordinating with EA.AT and local enforcement teams.
So a quick summary.some wise person said(not sure who),the next step is the first step. Well we boldly took the first step and i think we are walking on solid ground. We made mistakes but i think we have achieved as much as anyone could have expected in the first year .We will continue to be proactive on your behalf and i am sure the next year will see us consolidate and achieve more of our ambitions.

There are a lot of people out their who give up their time for the good of the club and our thanks go out to them. I want to thank all my colleagues on the committee for their support and you the members for your continued support and patience,.

After a brief discussion the report was adopted

Treasurers Report

Stacey Baker introduced herself to the members, Banking figures were provided starting with the monies from both clubs at time of the merger through to the current amount available. The club being in a good financial state There are no outstanding debts. All but one of the loans made by members to assist with the initial purchase of yaddlethorpe had been repayed when due ,the outstanding payment not being due untill oct 2017. Currently we have two open bank accounts . These will be merged once the existing paying in books have been used. Access to those accounts have transferred to herself and committee signatories.She said that current bank charges are high due to activity levels and that we should be aiming to reduce these. After a brief discussion the accounts were accepted and adopted.


The chairman said that at this point in the agenda we would be re ellecting the committee or new he wanted to ensure members understood why this was not the case. As previously stated at the time of the merger, it was written into the constitution that the executive committee should remain in place for three years to ensure continuity of back ground information from both clubs and to protect the interests of both clubs until the new club was firmly established. We would like to co opt additional committee members( this being allowed for in the constitution) partiicularly ex SDAA members. Anyone with aspirations to join the committee please let us know.We need new young blood to carry on the good work
The club also has a HOLDING TRUSTEE,this is a person independent of the committee who is required by law to hold deeds/documents of any property. the club owns .This is to protect the clubs interests, ie prevents any one person selling of the assets. The deeds/documents will not be handed over or changes made by land registry unless the trustee is satisfied that such changes have been fully agreed by the full committee.After a short discussion the chairman thanked members for attending and closed the formal part of the meeting.

AOB .Two members had written requesting issues to be raised. One regarding membership which had been covered in the AGM. the other raised by both parties regarding state of the banks on keadby canal and access gates. Bob Cross replied, He agreed that the banks could be in a better state. The council had now put additional post in to restrict/limit vehicle access and went on to say the problem really started when the cycle path was first put in and areas re grassed. The access gates had been opened to early before the ground got re established. Matches had not helped the situation and it had been considered to transfer booked matches to other venues to give the banks chance to firm up. Control/access of the gates installed by the council ,it was intended this would be handed over to the club so that bailiffs could open /close gates according to ground conditions, he/the club agreed this should also apply to matches .This issue had been debated at club meetings and we had tried to find a way forward with the council and would continue to do so.

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