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2012 Althorpe and Keadby coaching sessions
We have done a classroom practical session photos included and a letter from Sarah the school headmistress explaining how after winning an Angling Times competition Eddie has enthused the whole class to partake in an angling program which they have all successfully completed, pictures show them fishing in sunshine and wind and rain they just carried on and were presented with certificates vouchers and prizes at the end to acknowledge there achievements.

Althorpe and Keadby Primary School Fishing Club

With my school, Althorpe and Keadby Sitting on the bank of the River Trent, and with the canal running through the village, many pupils at school are avid fishermen.

They often come to chat with me about their latest catch or to describe in great detail how much fun they had down at the canal, fishing for full days with their friends.

Having never fished, I am yet to discover the appeal, however what I do know is that fishing motivates many of my children to get out into the great outdoors and it has encouraged team spirit and friendship as they work and support each other to improve their techniques.

In our entrance hall, the article about our pupil Eddie Hind, featured in The Angling Times for catching a 12lb 3 oz carp isproudly displayed.

With this in mind, I've known for a while that alongside the many other clubs we offer, a fishing club had to be developed.

Thanks to Liz Notman, sports manager for N. lincs who introduced us to Simon Mattison, of The Scunthorpe Pisces Angling Club, we are planning to start the club in the New Year at Blyton ponds.

Simon has already visited school to give a fun and inspirational assembly, followed by some games to develop the skills of casting and reeling in on dry land.

Joshua Torn said “I enjoyed reeling in the fake fish”. Keen angler Ryan Elviss really loved practicing underarm casting with the feeder. Eddie Hind liked the part where we towed the fish around trying to pull it in.

We have invested in fishing books for the Junior library, regularly buy fishing magazines and allow a small group of boys to practice their dry fishing techniques on the school field at lunchtimes. They have spent time being creative, making their own rods out of skipping ropes and branches and casting into hula hoops. It' is a joy to watch them working in this way.
The children are very excited about the club and so am I, as I have promised to participate in some of the sessions myself. I look forward to this being the start of a rewarding and fun time for the school children.

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