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River Severn Bridgnorth Shropshire.
River Severn Bridgnorth Shropshire.

We are pleased to announce that the club has negotiated an agreement with Bridgnorth Angling Society which gives our members access to thier four mile stretch of the River Severn above Bridgnorth Shropshire. This stretch of river is very picturesque and varied with all species of fish present and a good head of barbel and chub.
As part of the agreement Pisces have purchased ten books for the 2017/2018 season, these are available for members to pre-book on a first come first served basis. Books once booked can be collected locally or will be posted out prior to booked date, all books must be returned to the club immediately by recorded delivery or in person after your trip to maximize availability. On receipt of the book members must read the rules carefully and ensure they understand and adhere to them as responsible representatives of Pisces.
The B.A.S book only covers the club member and not any guests named in the Pisces book and members using them must have thier Pisces book and a corresponding rod license with them when fishing. Along the fishery there is an old rail track which gives better access to the river bank if members wish to use this they must first get a permit from Middle Severn Angling to do so before fishing at a cost of 50 pence/day the shop is open daily at 8.00am.
Our contact at Middle Severn Angling is Rosa Bailey and she can be contacted on 01746 769070. Rosa is very knowledgeable and always happy to help. We would like to encourage all members to take advantage of this arrangement and enjoy the fantastic fishing the Severn has to offer. Listed also is a copy of any booked matches on the waters for members information.

Bridgnorth Angling Society and British Legion Fixtures 2017/18


June 18th ....B.A.S
June 25th ....BAS Open


1st .... Afternoon open
2nd .... legion
9th ....BAS
16th ....
23rd ....BAS Open
30th ....BAS


5th .... Afternoon Open
6th ....Legion
13th .... BAS
19th .... Division 1 National
20th ....Poppy Open
27th ....
Holiday Monday ....Team Invitation


2nd .... Afternoon Open
3rd ....Legion
10th ....BAS
17th ....BAS Open
23rd ....River Fest
24th ....


1st ....Legion
8th ....BAS
15th BAS Open
22nd ....
29th ....BAS


5th ....Legion
12th ....BAS
19th ....Local League
26th ....Fur and Feather


3rd ....Legion
10th ....BAS
17th ....Local league
24th ....
26th ....Legion
31st ....


7th ....Legion
14th ....BAS
21st ....
28th ....Local League


4th ....Legion
11th ....BAS
18th ....
25th ....Local League

4th ....BAS
11th ....Local League
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