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Posted by Gizzy
Saturday 23 July 2011 - 07:13:47

After weeks of head bashing and brain storming with many people, the club have finally been provided a solution to the ID protection problem. When we first opened up our angling club to the armed forces we never anticipated there would be so many loop holes. We assumed it would be a matter of giving us their ID in exchange for club membership but that was strictly forbidden.

Thanks to Jody, the armed forces can join simply by sending a scanned copy of his/her payslip. All pay slips are generic across the armed forces the number at the top left of the document (eg: JPA EO17) is how it is recognised as a payslip. Please cross out/delete any information not required by us then email your membership application along with the scan. It’s that easy !

Many thanks again to Jody for all his help. Best wishes Stu

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